Robert Kaufman Fabric Challenge!

I hope everyone is enjoying the busy holiday season!  We do not have a GMQ meeting this month because December is such a busy month for everyone! Our next meeting (Jan. 5, 2011) will be completely devoted to sewing! What will we be sewing?! 
Here is the great news:
Challenge Yourself!
Our friends at Robert Kaufman fabrics have generously agreed to host a challenge for us!
Challenge details:
– To participate: Comment on this post and tell me you want in!  
– Each participant will be given a Robert Kaufman charm pack.  
– Challenge begins now and will end at our February 2 meeting where we will share our quilts (quilt tops are okay) and I will take pictures!
Find an architectural, building or other construction element in your home- it could be the wallpaper, roof, AC vents, floor tiles, cabinetry, etc.  and use it as inspiration for your new quilt design. You can choose to reinterpret the design or try to recreate it. There is no minimum or maximum size measurement for the quilt.  You may add your own fabric as needed to complete your design but remember the focus should be on the charms! You can cut them up any way you want…..applique them on…. embellish them …turn them on point… add sashing… etc.  Think outside of the box!
At our January 5th meeting we will have two large tables set up for cutting and pressing.  The other tables will  be for sewing machines.  Bring your sewing machine, cutting mat, rotary cutter, pressing mat/ironing board and travel iron if you have them. I will bring some extension cords but if you have one please bring it so we make sure we have enough plugs for every member. Don’t forget to label your tools!
Some of you expressed at our first meeting that you were more of a free quilting spirit!  This is the perfect challenge for you!  No pattern or formal instructions to follow! 
If you are having trouble in the inspiration department.  Here are a few pics of floors and walls I snapped on my recent trip to my motherland- Dominican Republic.  I love to find quilty inspiration EVERYWHERE!

Get inspired…start designing… and come ready to work on your new quilt!
We will share our projects with each other at the February 2, 2011 meeting.  
It doesn’t have to be quilted by then but quilt tops should be completed!
Any questions? Email me at craftygemini{at}gmail{dot}com
A big THANK YOU to Robert Kaufman fabrics for hosting this challenge!

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