April meeting details

Hi!  Hope this has been a constructive month for all of you! Here are some details for next week’s meeting.  
I’ll arrive by 6:30pm but we’ll start the meeting at 7:00pm.
Mini Quilt Swaps: If you are participating in last month’s Fat Quarter Mini Quilt Swap be sure to bring your finished mini for your swap partner. 
We’ve had a lot if interest in the swap from members who weren’t able to attend the last meeting so, I’d like to offer the Fat Quarter Mini Quilt Swap again this month. New members are encouraged to participate.  Details: Bring a fat quarter of your choice to the meeting and we’ll swap them around the room.  You will end up with someone else’s fat quarter and will make a mini quilt (adding fabrics of your choice) that finishes no bigger than 18″ x 18″ and give it back to the owner of  the original fat quarter at our May meeting. 
Program: I’ll be doing a complete binding demo.  I’ll show you how to machine sew binding to the front to get perfect mitered corners, how to attach the two loose ends of the binding, and two different stitches for hand sewing it to the back of the quilt.

What to bring: To get the most out of the demo I suggest you bring a small quilt sandwich with some binding and your machine so I can walk you through it.  If you do it yourself you are bound to remember everything when you get home!
If you are unable to attend our April meeting here are a few of my video tutorials on binding!  Hope they help!


See you next Wednesday!

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