August 3rd Meeting

I have been hearing from many of you that your challenge quilts are not done… I wanted to see how many more of you would rather have it finished for next month’s meeting? I may or may not be in attendance because I’m due to have this baby that same week.  Leave me a message in the comment box below and let me know if your challenge quilt won’t be done for tonight’s meeting.  If it is… great! Bring it.  I’ll take pictures.  If not, no worries just try to bring it for September’s meeting.

If anyone wants to volunteer to take over the next few meetings I would definitely appreciate it!  With the new baby on the way I won’t be very mobile for much longer and will probably not be able to make the new few meetings.  Shoot me an email if you are interested in hosting a meeting or two and if you have ideas for workshops or presentation you’d like to put on at the meeting.

Thanks!  See you all tonight for a very laid back show-n-tell based meeting… plus updates from the new local quilt shop opening in town!

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