July Recap & August FUN!

It was great seeing you all this month.  We had a nice crowd show up for Nina’s fab presentation on a quilting-as-you-go technique for attaching blocks with sashing strips. Thanks, Nina!  We also had some amazing quilts to see during show-n-tell.  I’ll post the pictures at the end of this post.

Because our July meeting was late in the month I want to make sure you remember we are back to our regular 1st Wednesday of the month meetings. Which means our August meeting is next week Wednesday, August 1! 

We have some fun stuff planned for the next meeting. I have two fun activities planned which means we need to start right at 7:00pm in order to be out by 8:30pm.

We will be doing a fabric swap and a pin cushion project! Please continue reading for details on both activities.

Fabric Swap:
– Bring two different 1/2 yard cuts of quilt store quality fabric* to swap with other members.
– Each participant will get a piece of paper with a number that will determine the order we will swap in.
– Then we’ll sit around with our fabric in our hands and starting at number 1 we will each go around the room taking turns trading one of your fabrics for one from someone else’s hands.

* Quilt store quality= higher thread count, higher thread weight, etc. If you are using fabric from Joann’s please be sure it’s some of their higher quality stuff. Thanks!

Pin cushion project:
Let’s make some quick and easy modern patchwork pincushions.  There is no set design you need to follow.  Just bring some random scraps and let the fabric guide you to create something modern or abstract. NO RULES TO FOLLOW!  You can make them any size you want but I think a 3.5″ -4.5″ square would be a perfect little size to keep for yourself or give to another quilty friend.

 What you should bring:

– Sewing machine, power cord & pedal
– basic supplies (rotary cutter + mat, rulers, pins, etc)
– extension cord and power strip (to make sure everyone has a plug for their machine)
– Bring scrap fabric of your choice
– Cotton or Poly stuffing of your choice
– Steel wool pad (optional)- this helps keep your pins & needles nice and sharp when put inside a pin cushion. Be sure to bring some rubber gloves if you are using the steel wool in case you need to pull apart the pad to fit in your pin cushion.
– hand sewing needle and thread

Here is a little inspiration to get your quilty wheels turning:
image credit: www.purlbee.com

 See you Wednesday!
 Here are pictures from our July meeting for those that couldn’t make it…

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