Quilt Exhibit! Important Details!

The time has come to submit our quilts for display at the Santa Fe College President’s Hall! Gainesville Modern Quilters will have our very own quilt exhibit on display from Monday, Nov. 4th- Wednesday, Dec. 18th. So exciting!

If you have a modern quilt (or one with a more contemporary vibe) please consider submitting it for our exhibit. The gallery Director really loved the pictures of the quilts I sent him and says that the gallery is quite large so he is accepting pretty much all the quilts we’d like to submit.

Here are the details you will need to know about quilt submissions. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY!

*This form needs to be filled out for EACH quilt being submitted for the exhibit as soon as possible: http://bit.ly/18KjgX7

1.Your quilt can pretty much be any size, they only ask that it not be longer than 9 ft.  Wonky dimensions are welcome.

2. Please make sure quilts are free of any stains, dog/cat hair, loose threads, etc.

3. Each quilt submitted MUST HAVE a 4″ sleeve sewn to the back of it. If you missed this month’s meeting and Vanessa’s sleeve-making demo you can find one here: http://tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.com/2012/02/hang-your-quilt-hanging-sleeve-tutorial.html

4.  I would suggest sticking a piece of painter’s tape somewhere on the back of the quilt with your name and contact info just in case. If your quilt has a label on it, that will work too.
5. Your quilt should be submitted in it’s own bag or pillowcase with a sheet of paper with the following info:
      • Name of quiltmaker/designer/quilter/contact info

      • A sentence or two description of the quilt inspiration or idea

      • A quilt title
      • Cost value of quilt (needed for gallery insurance purposes)

      • Sale price of quilt (if it’s for sale)

6. Quilt drop-off: Brigit will be at the front of the Milhopper Library on Friday, Nov. 1st from 5:30pm- 6:00pm to collect your quilts.

7. If you cannot make the scheduled drop off time you can contact Brigit and see about getting them to her over the Nov. 2-3 weekend- her email is: brigitdermott{at}yahoo{dot}comYou can also drop your quilts off yourself on Monday, Nov. 4th at the Santa Fe College President’s Hall- {I will send out another email with details on where exactly the gallery is.}

8. Do not forget to fill out the form for EACH quilt being submitted! Again, here is the link to the form: http://bit.ly/18KjgX7

Fill out the form included above and get those sleeves ready! Can’t wait to see our exhibit! 

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