Executive Board Nominations!

Ok, y’all! The time has come to finally put together our first-ever Executive Board. Vanessa started this guild way back in 2010 and we have never had any official officers. We’ve kept it laid back and casual. Now, we are taking this guild to the next level as we work to formalize our membership with the Modern Quilt Guild.
First things first. We need to collect nominations for the Executive Board.
Here is the info:
• You do NOT have to nominate someone for each position. 
• You can nominate yourself.
• Please read through duties before making any nominations. 
Click HERE to fill out the nomination form.

• Submit your nominations by March 1, 2014.
• We will be voting for officers at our Wed., March 5th meeting. Please attend.


President: The President shall:
• Preside at all general, special and Executive Board meetings.
• Serve as the primary public contact for the chapter.
• Coordinate with the Vice President  in planning, inviting, organizing, special guest speakers, monthly meeting programs, workshops, classes, field trips and other guild activities and/or events. 
• Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks of the Guild.
• Nominate someone for President by clicking HERE. 
Vice- President: The Vice President shall:
• In the absence of the President, conduct General Membership meetings and/or Executive Board meetings. 
• Assume the responsibilities of President in the event the President cannot complete the term of elected office.
• Oversee the review of the Guild Bylaws as necessary.
• Oversee membership roster and Guild attendance records.
• Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks of the Guild. 
• Maintain a database of proposed Guild activities, including, but not limited to: meeting topics, workshops, challenges, guest speakers, and social events. 
• In conjunction with the President, plan and organize General Membership meetings and other events.
• Nominate someone for Vice- President by clicking HERE.

Secretary: The Secretary shall:
• Record minutes during Executive Board meetings and General Membership meetings. All recorded minutes must be approved by the members of the GMQ Executive Board prior to being posted on the GMQ website. 
• Publish the minutes within 30 days of the meeting date.
• Lead and facilitate meetings when the President and Vice President are unable to attend General Membership meetings.
• Create, collate, and copy Guild flyers and announcements for each Executive Board meeting. 
• Draft Executive Board and General Membership meeting agendas and make them available to the Executive Board for editing. 
• Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks of the Guild. 
• Nominate someone for Secretary by clicking HERE.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:
• Receive and bank all Guild monies.
• Maintain bookeeping  records of all funds.
• Disburse funds as authorized. 
• Serve as co-signer with other authorized Officers on checks of the Guild. 
• Make a financial statement available for the members. 
• Provide a financial statement to the Executive Board.
• Nominate someone for Treasurer by clicking HERE. 
Thank you for your support and effort to make this guild the best it can be! We are looking forward to a great new year with our new Executive Board!

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