Meet a Guild Member: Courtney

We’re excited to introduce a new series on our Guild blog. Each month we’ll introduce a new Guild member. First up is Courtney! (Look at that gorgeous Cargo Duffle Courtney made!)

Hello! I’m Courtney. I’m a 20 somethin’ who loves to sew. As all young twenty year olds like to do right? I’ve been sewing for years. Sporadically throughout my childhood on a garage sale find and received my first sewing machine from my grandparents as a wedding gift. Little did everyone know what that gift would create. I’ve now been sewing full throttle since I received that gift and have upgraded and added a few machines to the family.
My favorite style, that I had no clue existed back when I started, is modern sewing. I knew I liked making projects myself, the way I envisioned, with the fabrics, fit, and style I love, which apparently was fairly modern. Little did I know there was a booming Instagram community and the Modern Quilt Guilds all over that I discovered along the way.
I signed up for a few classes at Crimson Tate and the owner, Heather Givans, along with her crew, taught a fantastic quilt class that was the turning point in my sewing shenanigans. She opened up so much potential for me. Her shop was filled with quilts that weren’t traditional! Hooray! Fabrics that made you fall in love! And patterns, and notions, and projects for days! Since then, I’ve never looked back!
After moving to Gainesville a few years ago, I was thrilled to find a local Modern Quilt Guild chapter with fellow makers who shared the same enthusiasm for modern quilting. These ladies have been so fun and inspirational. Sharing projects, ideas, tips, and tricks with those who equally LOVE sewing is pretty much priceless! Come join in on the fun!

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